Felt Donut Greeting Cards


I’ve been working on getting back into the groove of handling my small business stuff, which I’m slowly doing.

Office set-up: check.
Supplies reorganized: check.
Etsy shop up and running: check.
New listings up: check (mostly).

While reorganizing supplies and going through inventory, I realized I’ve been hoarding a lot of supplies that I bought years ago thinking I would make [insert donut product here] and never got to it. So I made a few new cards over the weekend when I got the chance with some boxed up cards I had in the back of a drawer and some tiny felt donuts I had made for earrings originally.


I’ve had a label maker for a while and used it on poop greeting cards previously, so I decided to use that too.

This was a nice way to make cards right away without having to layout my donut illustrations, print and fold them. Also, a fun way to use up some sugar cane cards I had and donuts that were ready to do whatever with. A sweet subject on a sweet card, amirite?


I made a few different cards in this style, which I should probably put up this week!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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