Sketching & Planning


I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting since pushing myself back into maker and business mode. Some subtle changes, some noticeable changes: from new (and larger) watermarks on my photos to new product photography to new items.

I tested out using my pink fabric banner and pink vinyl banner as a new background for my product photography. It works out well until I have red or neon green felt donuts. Recently, I designed and ordered new fabric based on the sprinkles on my brand donuts, like here:


So, I might experiment again with product photography with a ditsy sprinkles fabric design in the background.


While I’ve been planning out what to make for upcoming events, I also remembered that a friend of mine said she liked the simplicity of plain donuts (without faces), too, when I was making earrings initially.

I might make some plain felt donut earrings soon, too! Without faces, I might be able to make more of a variety of donuts in terms of colors.

Anyway, lots on my mind and in my sketchbook!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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