Pink Packaging


I’ve had pink packaging on my mind for a few years now, so this is nothing new. I used to send out single plush donut keychains in pink envelopes, but wasn’t satisfied with what I was using back then.

After using pink boxes and bags for my “mystery grab” items at SF Comic Con, I realized I should get back into the pink packaging.


Donuts are generally pictured in those pink bakery boxes, so I always entertain the idea of using pink bags or boxes when I find something I like. Since I’ve been making felt brooches, I came across pink CD sleeves that used recycled paper that seemed perfect for those. Some of them came a little bit wibbly, so I’ll have to flatten those out.

But now if you order small items in my shop, they’ll probably come in a pink envelope!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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