Mint Chocolate Donut Brooches


After making the Latte Donut Felt Brooches, I started on some minty ones since I finally got my hands on some mint colored felt.


For this new edition of felt brooches (meaning all felt brooches made post-SF Comic Con), I’ve been sandwiching an extra layer of felt in betweeen the main donut base color. Previously, when I originally made the first brooches (chocolate sprinkled, pink sprinkled, and maple bacon), they only had two beige layers and nothing in between. The extra layer makes them slightly more sturdy and it makes them slightly more special.


I hope to finish these up this weekend if I have time!


And I’m thinking of making two version of the mint choco donut brooch. One with mint chocolate stripes (left) and one with mint chocolate frosting (right) with tiny “chocolate chip sprinkles”.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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