The Holiday Donuts


I made a holiday set of donuts three years ago. I only made one of each flavor, with the exception of maybe one or two extra gingerbread donuts made to order.

There was the Mint Chocolate Donut, the Hot Cocoa Donut (with fluffy marshmallows!), the Gingerbread Donut, the Apple Cider Donut, the Eggnog Donut, the Spearmint Donut, the Cranberry Donut, the Cinnamon Donut, the Peppermint Donut, and the Snow Donut.

Some of them I began to hate, and others I think turned out well. I loved the Mint Choco, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider, and Gingerbread donuts.

I’m thinking that these holiday donuts would do well as ornaments sets if I can get around to making full sets of them in ornament form in time for holiday shopping and decorating!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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