SJMADE Craft Market: Saturday, February 11th


This year, I’m starting early on shows, albeit smaller ones.

I recently found out about San Jose Made late last year when they were accepting applications for their holiday craft show. While the SJMADE Craft Holiday Fair wasn’t exactly my best show personally, it was still fun, and I enjoyed the company. The person I shared a booth with that SJMADE randomly paired me up with at the holiday show mentioned the smaller opportunities SJMADE did, so I kept an eye out and here we are.

After spending time prepping for larger events last year (such as Maker Faire and San Francisco Comic Con), I figured I’d take a step back and try more smaller events, a la SF Bazaar’s Holiday Nightlife show (which I’ve now done and enjoyed two years in a row). I definitely want to focus on meeting and connecting with more local makers and artists this year, which seems easier to do at multiple short 4-hour events than a couple large ones.

So with that said, I’ll be at the Whole Foods in San Jose the Saturday right before Valentine’s Day, on February 11th, selling zero-calorie donut goodies for the loved ones in your life!

It’s only a few weeks away and I do plan on making some (new-ish) small and large plushies that I didn’t have available at my last couple shows. Donut worry!


Let me know what you think:

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