Maker Faire Prep


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. It’s also been a while since I’ve made large plush donuts.

Well, they’re happening.


I started prepping for Maker Faire after finishing up my last small SJ MADE Craft Market at Whole Foods this past Saturday.

After setting up at Whole Foods on Saturday morning, I realized how underprepared for Maker Faire I felt. I had no plush donuts, no buttons, no pet rocks, and I sold out of mugs. So I started internally panicking about my stock.

I’ve been extremely busy at work these past few months (past year, really), so I’ve kind of just gone with the flow when I’ve sold at local events, mostly because they’ve been smaller, 1-day events.

But here we are, in the final week before Maker Faire and I’ll be prepping what I can before Friday comes.

I cut up about 50 circles over the weekend and started sewing them up. They’re waiting for some eyes and stuffing, but I think I’ll be in fair shape for the weekend!


Let me know what you think:

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