WIP: Minky Plush Donuts


It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered fabric from Spoonflower and made fabric plushies or pillows, but I was pleased at all the new options available and especially tempted by some of the fabric options that weren’t there when I used to sew more pillows.

While a lot of my older pillow designs were cotton, I saw Spoonflower had fleece and minky and ended up ordering a couple yards of minky with some of my donut OCs.

It is so so so soft.

I did a test with one of my donuts and cut out one of the chocolate donuts. Since I’ve never sewed with minky before, it was new thing for me dealing with its slippery feel, but I guess I also forgot how to sew because I sewed my tag on backwards (name facing on the butt side). Oops.

Super excited to get these all sewn and stuffed, but will have to take my time so I get the rest right. This first test one in the picture will probably get listed on sale due to a couple minor things (like the backwards tag).



Let me know what you think:

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