ICYMI: Plush Donut Necklaces & Earrings


While prepping for Maker Faire, I was making some new products based on old designs, including necklaces.

I had some leftover rhinestones from old crafts and wanted to use them up, so I applied them to some plush donuts and made them into necklaces. I still have some from Maker Faire, so I’ll need to list those on Etsy!

Got a cute set of jewelry tools (pliers); I originally picked up some materials for necklaces because I turned a busted circuit board from my PlayStation Vita that I had replaced and fixed into a necklace so I didn’t have to toss it, so I had the materials on hand to create donut jewelry.


I also made a handful of earrings in “milk chocolate” and “dark chocolate” flavors.

More earring designs on the horizon and with other materials!



Let me know what you think:

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