2022 Update

Some baked but unpainted and unfinished polymer clay donuts with varying flavors in my hand and in a plastic container.

I’ve paused on a lot of donut-related stuff lately (as seen by the fact I haven’t posted anything here since the end of 2020), partially due to the ongoing pandemic and also partially due to continuing to focus on my career and personal life.

I haven’t made much in the way of physical cute donut goodies in the past year or so, but I continue to 1) think about donut things to make (all the time, really) and 2) draw when I get the urge.

After making my own Drawtober list in 2020, I did it again last year though didn’t finish all the drawings. Still, had a pretty good attempt and got my fun out of it.

The plan has been to use these Drawtober doodles as quick and easy pieces on places like Redbubble, but I never even finished uploading all of 2020’s doodles yet. I’ll get there eventually, but what’s up and available now are stickers at least!

I’ve also finally tried to learn how to use Instagram more than just for plain posts. Stories are more fun than I’d like to admit, and I’m slowly getting the hang of it. It has prompted me to post a little bit more donut content as well as everyday life.

While I don’t foresee making a ton of new products this year, if at all, I’ll try to post more donut goodies of what I already have and also finish some digital goodies as well, including interactive donut stories or mini books.

In the meantime though, I’m working on me as a person and also taking this year to wedding plan and make sure I don’t get too stressed out between that and work!

Stay hungry, y’all!

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