2020 Update

A little painted clay donut buddy, standing up and waving.

It’s been a year since I’ve touched this space (see also: 2019 Update), and a lot has happened since then — both in life and in the world (the former, of course, affected by the latter).

A plate full of handmade and handpainted Totoro-themed donut jewelry.

Last year, I was getting back into local events and shows after taking a break from vending in-person in 2018; I sold at Maker Faire, MAG West for the first time (their first year for a marketplace!), SJ MADE’s holiday craft fair as usual, and also SF Etsy’s Indie Holiday Emporium, as well as a few other events around the area.

In between all the craft events, design conferences I was going to for work, and working on moving forward in my career (and starting a new job in the process!), I was able to take some time off and actually go on a vacation towards the end of the year.

It was very much needed, and I’d say a well-timed break, considering all that was to follow this year.

A handful of handmade Kirby donut pins.

This year has been a whirlwind, as I’m sure most (if not all) of us would agree.

With a new job, then the lockdown, and everything that happened as a result of that, even with the release of Animal Crossing in the spring, it took me a while to get some mental clarity around it all and had to get used to working from home (not on donuts or leisurely things).

Around the start of fall, I started organizing the home office more to set myself up for a better mindset, both for my day-to-day as well as my donut ventures.

Overview of my desk area with a tripod and ring light set up.

Although I had plans to sell at more events in 2020 through more groups and communities, a lot of those had to postpone dates or cancel altogether. Luckily, some became virtual opportunities.

I ended up getting a tripod for my phone and a ring light after MAG West decided to go virtual this year. I set up and started playing around with video, recording process, and also new materials, like clay.

If you missed the MAG West stream, you can find it on YouTube here: MAG West 2020 Virtual Marketplace: Mayene Design Katamari Donuts Demo.

Messy desk full of clay donuts, paint, tools, and sketches.

Finally working on some new donut designs and items has been a really great way to unwind, and working with clay more has also been a good destress both on my wrists, hands, and mind.

With all of this, I’ve tried a few times getting back into drawing regularly, but it wasn’t until I made my own prompt list of 31 flavors right before October started that I felt really motivated to keep going.

We’re halfway through #Drawtober and after we’re done with the 31 flavors, I plan on finally getting around to illustrating some donut-themed books I’ve been meaning to do for the last decade (procrastination really took a toll here on these donut stories waiting to get released into the world).

Anyway, aiming to update more often since I’m home a lot now!

Mayene Design

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